Monday, December 2, 2013

My Inappropriate Elf

Well I caved, in the spirit of all that is fun for Christmas, and because well lets just be honest, now that I have a blog, I wanted to join the Inappropriate Elf Contest.  And, I want to use it to teach my son its more about giving than receiving..  We watched Elf on the Shelf the CBS Special on friday, and again this weekend.  Tim and I had our elf arrival tonight. His name is "Flashy Christmas"  More on that later.  This is supposed to be an Inappropriate Elf post.  So here it is.  At first, I thought about making him a brown trench coat, and have him flash his cristmas light... he he he but, then I thought, that is just not good enough.  Both winners (year one) and (year two) were both based on current buzz in the social media webs.  And? They were funny!
I was trying to think of major events of 2013. There was the whole Miley thing, but like twerking everyone is doing it.   Round the mom blogs I read? Babyshaming.  It all started from Dog Shaming.  And bummer for me, there is a whole Elf Shaming blog! But this one it's mine, so here it goes, Wish me luck.  I may post some more naughty ventures, as well as some fun ones we do for my son.  Eirly bird gets the worm gotta get this done to get it linked to the contest Babyrabies Inappropriate-elf-contest More Christmas posts to come! For now check out Jill on Baby Rabies, if you have never been there before, sit down, take some time and be ready to Laugh!


  1. This is one of my favorites so far!

    1. Thanks Shylo! I wish we could enter more than once, we had SO many ideas!! Did you enter one? Let me know so I can check it out.


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