Thursday, February 14, 2013

Have a Batty Valentines Day!

My son is 5 and totally in love with bats.  It all started with batman of course.  He is in his 3rd year of Preschool.  Which means my 3rd year of making Valentines.  He is not a fan of having to write his name 25 times, so we start early.  The first year (he was 3) I was super smart, I bought them, (transformers) and printed his name on labels that he could trace then we had him stick his name on the card. Last year? I had discovered Pintrest!
Here is last years completed cards:

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows!

This year, as the name writing became a PAIN I wanted to do something that he would be excited about.  For his birthday this year my sister sent him the CUTEST bat card she made. So I thought, oh we can use this idea for bat Valentines.
I searched Pintrest, and there was "Valentine, you drive me batty" ideas, but hey he is five, I wanted to keep it sweet and simple. I felt that phrase was a bit above their heads for this age.
here they are in progress:

12 x 12 card stock, I fit 2 to a page then cut them out

25+ bats hanging on pixie sticks!

Well we got them done, the night before of course! Isn't that a requirement for valentines??
Thank's Aunt Tiffany for the idea.  And hope you have a Happy Valentines Day!

PS, I started a blog, because you know everyone else is doing it right???

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